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About Us

Our business

Zick’s Great Outdoors has been recognized as one of the area’s top nurseries by the St. Louis area’s leading landscape architects and designers in St. Louis At Home Magazine 2008. Our work has also been featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, West County News, River Front Times, Healthy Planet and Current Magazine.

Zick’s success can be attributed to the hard work, knowledge, and caring of many employees. However, we are also grateful for the commitment and vision of our valued customers, who serve as mindful stewards of the Earth. Finally, one must also acknowledge the natural beauty, quality, and beneficial power inherent in plants, trees, and shrubs.

Who we are

Owner, Doug Zick, earned his Horticultural Degree from Missouri University Columbia. His 50 years of experience in the field credits him with a broad knowledge base of plants, in selection and culture, as well as skills in landscape design, installation director and grower of much of his nursery stock.

Doug Zick’s reputation has been well established in the St. Louis area. His work can also be seen in such locations as: Illinois, Kennebunkport Maine, New Orleans Louisiana, Seattle Washington, Arizona, Minnesota, New Mexico, Utah, California and Texas. In addition, Doug has made speaking appearances on television and radio, and even designed and installed a palace in Dubi, UAE!

Doug’s travels across the nation and into Europe, Canada and the South Americas have given him unique insight into his approach with design. His understanding of elevations, plant form and function enhance the projects he works on. Landscape design is more art than science. It is a way to improve function of the site, enhance the beauty of the property and add value to your investment.